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Post-Employment Investigation Service in Delhi


The process of performing background checks, reviews, or inquiries on people who were now or were before employed by an organization is commonly called a post-employment investigation. When any person gets a post, and someone wants to know about that person in this situation they get help from detective agents. then our best detective agency investigates them.

The people who live in Delhi find the solution, as well as in which most of the person need detective agents because they have many problems as well as post-employment like Matrimonial, Pre-Matrimonila, Divorce case investigations, personal background checks, missing person investigations, due diligence investigations, extra-marital affairs, business-related problems, fraud investigations, etc.

Post-Employment Investigation Service in Delhi

How Detective Agents Help us After Post-Employment Investigation?

Collecting Proof: First of all our best detective agency gathers the proof about them after that investigation because most of the people like that firstly who get any post after that they get fraud with the company this type of person is very dangerous for the company in this situation our best detective agency catch and save the company. We have doing this work for a long time as well as solving the client’s problems of post-employment in Delhi/India. Along with post-employment, our best detective agency also solves other cases. like Matrimonial, Pre-Matrimonial, Post-Matrimonial, Extra- extra-marital affair, Divorce Cases Investigation, Person Background check, Missing person Investigation, etc.

Legal SupportApex Detective Agency provides legal support to our clients in which we find the person who is doing this and catch them for legal methods. Legal processes are generally popular with detective agents, who may offer assistance in managing any legal sides of the post-employment inquiry. They may assist in preparing documents for possible legal processes and guarantee that all evidence is collected legally.

Speaking With Witnesses: Our best detective agency collects the information about that person. Within and outside of the company. The detective catches that person who is a relative of that person and asks about them from the witness. Agents skilled in detective work can interview witnesses comprehensively from both within and outside the company. They possess methods for collecting relevant data and judging the reliability of witnesses, which can be important in knowing all aspects of the situation.

Surveillance: Detective agents can undertake surveillance to Post-employment and obtain up-to-date information about the person’s actions if ongoing surveillance is needed. This can be especially helpful in situations where there may have been conduct or breaches of trust.

Assessment of Risk: When investigating if there are any continuing risks connected to the person in issue, investigate. detective agents can help. It can involve assessing the possibility of more misconduct, security problems, or image risks for the company.


Detective agents are essential in helping companies get information, manage risks, and make well-informed decisions concerning the parties involved in post-employment investigations by offering continuous assistance and experience.


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